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Do you really want a 4K Ultra-HD television?

Is 3D TV for you?

Are the choices of OLED, LED, LCD and Plasma TV daunting?
Are you thinking about setting up surround sound and you don't know where to start?|
Are you paying too much for internet, cable TV or Dish or DirecTV and want a batter solution?

Need help running cables? 

Need help setting up your wireless network?
Do you know what a home run area is? 
Do you want to watch TV on your phone?
Confused about TIVO, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu and Sling?

Want to copy your movies to DVD?  Your old 33 RPM albums?

In general, are you frustrated or confused by any technology? 

Are you looking for straight, non-technical answers from someone that isn’t in the retail sales business about whether to buy one thing or another?

Would you like affordable, highly experienced, honest, convenient, personalized service from someone that knows your name and doesn’t keep you on hold?


With over thirty years of technology experience, we are expert in HD-TV, TIVO, surround sound, DVDs, gaming systems, PDAs / SmartPhones, satellite TV or HD or satellite radio and more.  Whether you want training, or would rather have someone do it all for you, we can help you with your technology needs.

For technology consulting we focus on the southern metro area of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul), but if you are out of this area, please call us any way.